• Outsourced Production Processes

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Outsourced Production Processes

Elleci Prodotto

The large part of the working phases are carried out directly in our establishment, howewer some production processes have been delocalised for technical needs, but they are constantly monitorized from the staff, that works in our base.


This technique of moulding is based on the liquefaction of a Zinc alloy that is later injected under pressure, for this reason the name of "Die-Casting", in special moulds. Once that the alloy is cooled, it gives origin to the raw components of the article. Thanks to the flexibility of this technique, we are able to realize articles with refined details, while maintaining low costs of working. With this material we can realize a large range of articles like: fasteners for bags, plates, belt buckles, etc.


This process is based on the brass working at high temperatures, without achieving the melting point. The several shapes of the articles, also complex ones, can be obtain with the plastic deformation carried out by the moulds, that are activated by high power presses.  Not all of the accessories can be realized with this technique, however their use allow us to develop products with a material that give them more value and beauty.


As we can understand from the name, this technique is based on the plastic deformation of the brass without applying heat. It's widely used to realize plates or iron/brass counter-plates. Not all the accessories can be realized with this technique, however, when it's possible to use it, we can create articles of value with extremely affordable costs.


This technique, also called "LOST WAX FUSION", is based on the casting of  melted metal inside a negative shape. Thanks to the great flexibility, this working process is used especially to realize objects with a particular shape or full of details. For the application of our sector, besides brass, we can use other metals like, for example, bronze.

Elleci Prodotto
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